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Heaton & Lostock

Feb 23, 2024

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Why Lancasters love Heaton & Lostock…


Lostock and Heaton are two of Boltons most highly regarded residential areas. Whilst they are neighbours and share many facilities they do offer a different feel. Parts of Lostock benefit from the open spaces of two golf courses and some reservoirs plus a train station linking to Manchester and the airport.

Heaton has a nature reserve but also a concentration of large period homes constructed around the early 1900’s and attract those who like typical Tudor and Victorian styling with their high ceilings and large windows etc… Being an affluent part of town, it is no surprise that there are private schools, sports clubs and a thriving social scene. The consistently popular Bolton Independent School attracts many people to settle nearby and parts of Heaton can be considered as walking distance while Lostock is on the main bus route in to the school. Many different styles of property are available and range from terraced through to imposing detached. If you are looking for a house with easy access to Bolton School, with handy amenities and sports clubs with the added benefit of great transport infrastructure then these areas will be right up your street.